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Drs. Elizabeth and Rick are proud founders of the nÓg Run Club.  The nÓg Run Club was founded in 2008 and after a couple of years of operation became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  In 2019, over $100,000 was donated to local charities from donations received at the club's weekly runs, as well as the proceeds from the St. Paddy's 4 Miler, World's Largest Flip Flop 1K Walk, and Oktoberfest 4 Miler.  Since turning non-profit, the Run Club has donated raised more than $800,000 for local charities!

As mentioned, the Run Club meets every Monday night in downtown Raleigh.  The run starts at 6:15PM from the Raleigh Beer Garden.  Some people run, some people walk, and some just come to socialize.  After the run, stick around for trivia starting at 7:15pm, and a special $5 menu for nOg Run Club patrons.

For more information on the Run Club, or to register for any of the aforementioned races, please visit www.nÓ

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  • "The Chiropractic Café is a very Warm and Friendly environment. As a physician myself, I think Drs. Rick and Elizabeth do a great job explaining their treatments and have extremely good bedside manners. They do a great job creating the doctor/patient relationship which is one of most important parts of any healing modality. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family!"
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