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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

As you may know, Governor Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency for North Carolina. For your reference, attached is a link to the NC Department of Public Safety, that describes exactly what that means and what it does not mean. As stated in the NC Department of Public Safety link “Though ‘State of Emergency’ may sound ominous, the impact it has on citizens is anything but threatening”. As the Governor stated, the main purpose of declaring a state of emergency is increased flexibility to respond and allocate funds when needed. It can also speed supplies and give health and emergency management more flexibility as well. A state of emergency also protects consumers against price gouging.

Link to CDC Coronavirus Current Information



Survival Rates Based on Method of Care

675,000 DIED OF FLU IN USA (an estimated 20-100 Million in the World)


In Iowa (the birthplace of chiropractic)

93,590 infected sought MEDICAL treatment: 6,116 died (1 in every 15) - 6.7%

4,735 infected sought CHIROPRACTIC care: 6 died (1 in every 789) - 0.13%


In New York

10,000 infected sought MEDICAL treatment: 950 died (1 in every 11) - 9.1%

10,000 infected sought CHIROPRACTIC care: 25 died (1 in every 400) - 0.25%

10,000 pneumonia cases sought MEDICAL treatment: 6,400 died (1 in every 1.56) - 64%

10,000 pneumonia cases sought CHIROPRACTIC care: 100 died (1 in every 100) - 1%


In Oklahoma

3,490 infected sought CHIROPRACTIC care: 7 died (1 in every 490) - 0.20%

Of 233 Cases considered too far gone by the medical profession: 25 died (1 in every 9) - 11%


COVID-19, while still potentially fatal to the most vulnerable, is not even close in seriousness to the Spanish flu when a large percentage of the Earth’s population worldwide died!

Washing Hands With Soap

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly (20-30 seconds with soap)
  2. Avoid crowds (no more than 10 people gatherings is latest recommendation)
  3. If you feel sick in any way, stay home and self quarantine
  4. If anyone in your household is sick, all members stay home
  5. If you are elderly and/or already immunocompromised, please stay home


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  • "The Chiropractic Café is a very Warm and Friendly environment. As a physician myself, I think Drs. Rick and Elizabeth do a great job explaining their treatments and have extremely good bedside manners. They do a great job creating the doctor/patient relationship which is one of most important parts of any healing modality. I would highly recommend them to all my friends and family!"
    Jennifer - Raleigh, NC